Just Serviced- Biogenics CRYSALYS PTC-9500 Liquid Nitrogen Cryo Freezer- Complet

Just Serviced- Biogenics CRYSALYS PTC-9500 Liquid Nitrogen Cryo Freezer- Complet

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Updated 8/18/18 : Lowered the buy-it-now price from $5,150 down to $4,500 to rock bottom price of $4,150 each unit. In dire need of some college funds for my 2 kids in college. When buying this item, youre helping 2 college student realize their goals and dreams of getting a college degree. It would greatly help and much appreciated. THANKS.

Up for sale thru Ebay’s Buy-It-Now option is a …..Biogenics CRYSALYS PTC-9500 Cryocontroller withCryochamber(Model VHC) and LN2 CryoBath (Model DX2.5)
Also included : (1) Operations Manual (1) CryoLink CD Firmware (1) USB Cable (1) Wall Power Cable (1) Hard Case w/ wheelsThese 2 complete units have been sent to the original manufacturer for full service and calibration. A thorough assessment of each system’s requirements was performed and both controllers was re-flashed of the resident firmware/software to 2018 standards and they are now up to V6.7 and the improvements make the system just like new ones built today. They have now a more advanced PID calculus algorithm which allows them to use less liquid nitrogen and less electricity, maximizing battery charge life. One of the re-flash programs is called v1p2; correcting a mathematical error in the sensor board until it was found in 2016.These were both DEMO units that was not used much before they were sent for full calibration on March 2018 (see stickers at the bottom). They are now like-NEW with all the recent UPGRADES !!Additional pictures will be posted together with the certificate/sticker of calibration as soon as they are available along with the calibration service invoice if requested by the new owner.Important NOTE when buying USED units so your investment has its full potential : CHECK last Calibration Date as these units needs to be recalibrated as soon as counter in the LCD screen ‘Calib. Left’ reaches ‘0’ (zero) or else results could be faulty and inaccurate, CHECK what kind of UPGRADES on the firmware if current V6.7 is installed That both CryoController and CryoChamber have been paired together during calibration for full accuracy Comes COMPLETE with the CryoBath, latest version CD software, Cable, Operations Manual with Pelican Hard Case.My units has all the above features. Protect your investment, BUY a FULLY Serviced equipment by original manufacturer !!Pls. Read before buying. Price is for the price of one (1) complete unit with everything you see in the pictures of the actual items being sold. Two (2) units is available for sale in this posting and they have been pictured together. You can buy (1) unit (w/ your own color preference) at $4500 or you can buy both at $9000. Hope this is fully understood before buying. You can also pick your own color of preference.CRYSALYS is the culmination of 23 years of experience in meeting the requirements of practitioners worldwide, the Crysalys PTC-9500 has it all: User-programmability via touch-screen or computer. Built in, light-weight lithium-ferrous battery UPS. User-friendly graphic interface. Alarm presets defineable by the user. The PTC-9500 brings together all this, and much more.Our range of 4-wire and 6-wire cryochamber afford precision in control previously not available, and a range of possibilities in everything from classic straws and security straws, to cryovials, and more.In addition to its internal battery which guards constantly against mains power interruption, Crysalys can run for up to three hours in the field without mains power, and incorporates the ability to accept 12VDC auxiliary input from a car or truck power system.All program cycles are logged with a user-defined time-date stamp and a name (if desired, but not required) selected by the user through an on-screen interface. These details, along with precise time vs. temperature information for every program run, are loaded to an onboard SD card. At any time, this information can be retrieved by any PC or Mac computer using our included Crysalys CryoLink software. Computer operation allows for a larger screen and more detailed graphic information.PRODUCT CODE: PTC-9500FEATURES: Fully intuitive 5.7 color touch-screen operation Fully user-programmable through touch-screen or computer (PC and Mac) Onboard datalogging and archiving of every cycle to removable SD card USB interface for datalogging and programmability Ability to name each discrete cycle with patient details, etc. with onboard keyboard Automated full-system diagnostics Built-in lithium-ferrous UPS with smartcell technology offers complete power outage protection and/or portable operation Aux. 12 volt DC power input Worldwide mains voltage capable, 90-264VAC Concentric isothermic temperature exchange with Crysalys or retrofit 2-wire RTD cryochambers On-screen service prompts and power management indicators 0.05C resolution Autotuning PID parameters with DC proportional temperature control prevents EMF effects on specimensPlease feel free to email me here at Ebay if you have any wuestions regarding this item. FAST 3-4 days USPS Priority Mail service to the USA. Accepts International buyers but they will be responsible for any additional taxes and/or Customs duties in their own country.THANKS for your patronage and patience !pl

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