Aesculap Power Systems microspeed uni

Aesculap Power Systems microspeed uni

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you will receive:

1x Aesculap GD 670 Microspeed uni controller with irrigation pump SN:002012 works  100 ~240 volts1x Aesculap GD668  Microspeed Footswitch – dual  pedal SN:00643                    2x Aesculap GD674 Microspeed uni motor connection cable with on-off switch SN:001233,001329 1xAesculap GD678  Microspeed Low Speed Motor SN:001847 1x Aesculap  GB392R, Microspeed uni mini-Line transversal saw attachment 1:1 ratio SN:04591x Aesculap GB391R, Microspeed uni mini-Line reciprocating saw attachment 1:1 ratio SN:05551x Aesculap GB390R, Microspeed uni mini-Line sagittal saw attachment 1:1 ratio SN:1618


Aesculap is fully working order with all components

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manufacturer info:
Aesculap GD 670 Microspeed uni control unit with irrigation pump;- Touchscreen works well, irrigation pump works well,- UK plug power included; – irrigation pump flow 0 – 80 ml/min,- Aesculap system works with 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz;- The dimension of the control unit is  305 x 305 x 175 mm and  8.300 gr there is 12 language option available with control unit:Control console has been installed “Multi-Language options” as  D, F, P, J, GB, E, NL, RUS, USA, I, S, CN
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